About WingX

Updated 08.02.2018

How does WingX work?

WingX is the world’s premier marketplace for booking and hiring tour and travel guides, and more general travel-related services and activities on the web. By means of its online platform, together with its mobile app WingX which connects and links to this platform, WingX is able to make these services available to travellers, tourists, students and even local residents for hire (i.e. End-Users), on an on-demand basis.

As part of its stated goal, WingX connects travellers and tourists around the world with qualified guides and related service providers (which we refer to as “WingX Companions”).

WingX Companions can make their services (e.g. tourist guides, guided tours, Segway tours, bike tours, horse riding tours, nanny services, personal assistants, fashion advisors) available for hire concurrently on our Site www.wingx.global, as well as our related mobile App.

End-Users are then in turn able to search for travel and tours guide and other travel-related activities, as listed on our Site and App, by location and other available filters.

Once a selection is made, the End-User then contacts the WingX Companion directly to confirm the transaction. All in real-time.

Both the WingX site and its related app are easy and straightforward to use.

Therefore, place your travel, tour guide or other travel-related activities on our marketplace today for the opportunity to win new customers and friends.

Moreover, as an End-User, WingX provides you with a quick and easy way of searching for, booking and hiring guide and other related activities, within a number of destinations. Due to our growing number of WingX Companions, End-Users are now able to decide and choose between a vast array of guides, services and activities.

The WingX Companions provide the actual travel or tour guide, and/or travel-related services or activities which have been selected by the End-User.

Ten percent (10%) of the agreed service price will be charged (i.e. deducted) by WingX as its commission for successfully connecting the End-User and the WingX Companion.

The End-User’s credit card is used as the sole payment method.

Please note that certain specialised services, such as in particular child care, care for the elderly and special services for disabled, may only be listed on the WingX marketplace (and thereby made available for hire on our Site and App) where they are provided by duly qualified and certified professionals, who are also in possession of all permits, licences and other authorisations which may be mandated from time to time by the jurisdiction concerned.

Kindly note that account registration is required to book and hire such guide and travel-related services or activities over our marketplace.