"I always do my best to avoid tourist traps while I travel. Spending hours getting group photographs and being shuffled along with a crowd is not really my style. Since I only had a few days in Berlin, I knew there was no time to spare doing touristic activities. More importantly, I wanted to see the city through the eyes of a local.”

With a WingX-Companion You become a discoverer, not just a tourist

This way you experience your travel destination, unlike the picture postcard pattern of the tourist guide. It's not the usual, not the expected, not the scripted tour. It's unusual, unexpected, unscripted. Unique and unforgettably made to your wishes.

Book your WingX-Companion

Imagine you get to know a city through the eyes of a friend who lives there. A friend who feels what you love – who knows where to go and what to do and get's you the experience that you are looking for.

Choose a WingX-Companion and leave the guidebook at home

Together we home in on your wishes. You discover the things you really want to do and go to places you really want to go. With a friend in the city, the city becomes your friend.

A WingX-Companion mission is to provide a warm, nurturing environment for children

Choosing a day care center is one of the most important decisions that a parent is going to make. WingX has carefully selected trustworthy home based and center child care near you. We are aware that some countries offer different approval levels for child care programs, such as registered or licensed. We have only selected licensed facilities, since they’re required to meet highest standards.

Select a Local companion to match your preferences

check availability, choose a start date and time and then book for anything from 1 hour to multiple days. A WingX-Companion is a person with ample local knowledge and social skills.